Why do Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.

You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. Its as simple as that, but why would anyone want to do it?

1. To make money

Make money affiliate

For most of us who start affiliate marketing its usually to make some extra cash, but why what do we need or want this extra money for?

Personally I was sick of saying we could only afford 1 holiday a year for our family and I realised through journalling and having some coaching that being told or feeling I ‘could’t afford’ things made me feel trapped and frustrated so I wanted to earn more, so initially I put in more hours, did more marketing, got more customers and yes had more income, but I felt overwhelmed. Working more hours meant sorting out more childcare, having more responsibility and places to get to, less time for my family and myself and so I was less happy and more stressed!

So what else could I do? I knew some people making money from home, but some were a bit ‘salesy’ and quite frankly obsessed with the companies they worked for as far as I was concerned I didn’t feel I could sell products or harrass people into signing up to opportunities like they did so searched and researched lots of ways and came accross various multi level marketing companies with different methods of getting customers and signups as I didn’t want to host any party plan type meetings or go for endless coffees prospecting people so I found the companies that suited me (which Affiliate Marketing can also help with).

I also also followed the amazingly helpful training all about affiliate marketing and I was both intrigued and fascinated.

There are so many success stories and you can also pick whatever topic you want to write about.

As I said above I was feeling overwhelmed so thanks for affiliate and network marketing I’ve now been able to cut my hours down to suit myself.

It doesn’t stop there, once the income starts to come in you can dream bigger! Not only do we have another 2 holidays booked this year, we also want a loft conversion and eventually a move to our dream home.

Super affiliates earn £1,000,000 like its no big deal!!!

2. Theres virtually no start up costs

All you need is an idea, a website and a bit of know how which is widely available in searches and on youtube or a step by step book from amazon if you’ve got internet connection to do that you can do affiliate marketing.

Theres no products to buy unless you chose to review something new and no stock to hold.

The most it will cost you is for some website hosting which is included in the best affilliate community sites like Wealthy Affiliate.

You dont need any premises or any fancy equipment you can even do it from your phone!

3. You gain more independence

You choose when you want to work, where you want to work and for how many hours. I do my affiliate business on a Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours and on a Wednesday as thats my day at home it is good to schedule in conveient times for it so it doesnt intefere with family time and it keeps you organised (see my free planner).

I sometimes do more when I feel like it or get an exciting shot of inspiration becasue I love it and its not like work its more like my own little peice of cyberspace that I tend whenever I feel like it.

4. Its simple, yet you learn so much

Once you’ve got the hang of it and started one website, you can just as easily start another. Yes another one with a stream of income. So this one focusses on Affiliate Marketing as a subject, but hey I also like coffee so hey presto heres one of my other links. 

Whatever in the world you want to talk about you can, are you passionate about food, running, pony riding, cocktails, growing roses, lipstick? Everyones got something they love and you get to talk about it and learn more about it every day!

If you’re already Network Marketing set up a website that could increase your leads and your knowledge about how to get them.

Even if you LOVE your job and don’t want to necessarily cut your hours like I did write about it, so your a personal trainer for a top luxury gym chain write about hints and tips and share affiliate links in your pages and posts its a licence to print money!

If your on maternity leave and you work in a bank, you can do a page recommending savings accounts for babies, life insurance or even non finance related at all, nappy reviews, best strollers, most useful changing items the possibilities are endless!

Nappy Review


It would be harder to find reasons why not to do affiliate marketing to be honest, I certainly have the bug for it and believe everyone should have a go.

Want to try? See the guide here how to get started.

Its not an over night get rich scheme you still need to work at it and keep consistently adding to your website, but if you choose a subject which inspires you, you should have no trouble and it wont feel like work, like me you’ll be sneaking off to do a quick post because you just got excited about something else to share on the subject! I can honestly say I love it and its turned into a hobby in its own right.

Simply find your ‘why’ you want to earn some more money then pick your subject its as simple as that and I’m always exctied and happy to help you.

You can get started for free anytime and I’m on hand to help.

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