How to manage your WP site

Logging in

To access your site Type in the URL (The website address) and on the end put /wp-admin so for example my site its

This then brings up the login screen.

Put in your login details here.

You will have a User Name and Password to set for your site you can change the password to one you can remember or if you use WA copy and paste it or log in directly from there as I do.

Media Files

If you want to add pictures or PDF’s these are called Media and you can upload them as files or drag and drop them into this folder.

Videos are larger if you want videos its best to upload to Youtube or Vimeo and then embed the file (I will do a separate article about this).

Add New Pictures or PDF Files


Adding new posts EG blogs timely articles see Posts or Pages for more info

Simply choose posts and add a title, text and images. Try and use headings too.


As above but these are the structure of the site and pages don’t tend to go out of date, so for example Contact, About, and larger articles. Go for larger word counts here and again lots of headings.

Don’t forget any pages or posts you add need to also be published and added to your menu if you want them to be seen on the main site too.

Where to add Pages


Menu’s are how you will order your content and will be the ‘navigation’ to your site, try and make it user friendly as if you were using the site yourself and wanted to find something. These are usually placed in the top of the site and also can be in the footer.


To change the appearance of the site e.g. colours of the menu, text etc click Appearance and Customise. This takes you to look at your website and move things around. The functions will vary depending on what theme you have chosen. There are Hundreds in lots of styles and colours.


Plugins with the posts and pages are like the building blocks of the site, if you want a shop or selling site you might use a Plugin called woocommerce this sets up a shop for products, shopping cart/trolley and payment options, there are plugins to link your website to your social media, to get members for a membership site, upload courses, take bookings for courses etc. Theres a plug in for just about any function you want to do with a website.

For any more advice or ideas for what you would like to see an article on please comment below! Thanks