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How would you like to choose one of the fastest growing, highest converting and newest health docu series available online!


This cutting edge 8 episode (and 4 bonus episodes) documentary series is the culmination of my life’s work up to this point.

Customers will hear from incredible Doctors, Nutritionists, and other leading health experts from around the world who have shared their secrets and proven methods to treat and prevent disease.

They will also hear from regular people who have had dramatic health improvements using natural disease preventions and lifestyle changes that big pharma drug companies and food companies don’t want anyone to know about.

Viewers will be taken on a journey around the world to get direct access to life-saving information that most people will never have, which will allow them to lose weight, live longer, and prevent disease.

FREE Members-Only Bonuses to Fast-Track Their Journey to Optimal Health

When they order Food, Health & You: Live Longer, Prevent & Fight Disease they will receive 4 FREE exclusive member-only bonuses that will fast-track their journey to optimal health.

Super Bonus #1

Exclusive Access to 4 BONUS Episodes of The Food, Health & You Series

  • Ep #9: Is Soy Causing Sickness?
  • Ep #10: Beating Inflammation & Joint Pain
  • Ep #11: Exploring the Links Between Food & Depression
  • Ep #12: Pharmaceuticals – The Health Heist of the Century

Super Bonus #2

The Food, Health & You Companion Guide

  • This is an exclusive done-for-you companion guide viewers can use as they watch the series that is designed to accelerate their learning.
  • Inside they will find episode recaps, notes, exercises, and quick quizzes that will get them incredible health results faster and easier.

Super Bonus #3

The Food, Health & You Transformational Cookbook

  • The Food, Health & You Transformational Cookbook is one of the most comprehensive and delicious recipe books on the planet.
  • With over 200 delicious recipes to choose from, they will struggle to choose what to cook every night!

Super Bonus #4

Top 77 Superfoods for Healing

  • All food is not equal and this incredible book makes it as easy as possible to choose foods that are going to fast track healing no matter what the condition might be.
  • In fact there is so much jam packed into this 50 page book it’s insane!

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