Finding your target audience

Not everyone has heard of affiliate marketing, in fact millions of people haven’t, they are your target audience to bring in and get some extra referral fees for recommending affiliate marketing to! This is a win win situation for you and them as you will both get extra income.

The possibilities are endless as not only can just about anyone can do affiliate marketing, almost EVERYONE has a hobby or something they are passionate about so why on earth wouldn’t they want to make money too?

1 Current small business owners

Most small business owners in this day and age will have a website so they are already half way there. Suggesting they can add another income stream to their business could just mean they become your new best friend. Be sure to recommend high quality training for them through Affiliate Marketing Ladies or Wealthy Affiliate. 

2 Network Marketing business owners

Chances are they already know all about referrals and finding customers so they will probably already have a favourite product they want to promote. Talk to them

3 People who share the same interests

Affiliate Marketing Crochet

Hobbies can be anything these days, my new hobby is actually Affiliate Marketing no word of a lie, I feel imersed when I’m doing it and so it distracts me from any current stress or frustration in my life, I find I can be creative with it, its like my art!

However, whatever your favourite thing to do is, tennis, cooking, sewing, crochet, baking, yoga, running, painting, pottery, horse riding, etc you can build a website and get cracking on writing about it and adding affiliate referral links on it. I use the example of my youngest child who loves Unicorns, this is her affiliate website.

4 People who love online shopping

Now come on girls most of us have a guilty pleasure and I am no exception. My oldest daughter also now has parcels arriving at the door almost daily! There are lots of online clothing and makeup brands now with affiliate referral schemes so why not turn shopping into a whole new level and help pay for those new shoes you just ordered?

Affiliate Marketing Shoes

5 Students

Last but my no means least!

We all know the stereotypical student eats value beans on toast and only gets a minimum wage for a few hours of waitressing or hours on their feet in a shop, but students are Ideal for affiliate marketing because they are used to writing essays and articles of about 5000 words so a couple of pages or posts on a website are nothing like hard work compared. They have already chosen a subject they are passionate about if they are on the right course and happy with what they are doing take a history student for example could recommend downloading audible so talking about it which means REVISING at the same time and recommending books through amazon affiliates or similar is an absolute no brainer! EVERY student should try it in my opinion to supplement their very little income and help pay off those student loans.


ANYONE can do affiliate marketing from doing one for your kids to making one about a hobby its just so easy to do what are you waiting for?


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