What is Affiliate Marketing?

How Does Affiliate Marketing work UK
affiliate marketing
“a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.
“most of my earnings are from affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and sponsored posts”

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

This is a ‘How long’s a piece of string?’ question. Your income as a beginner affiliate will depend massively on several factors:

  1. The efficiency and reliability of the affiliate network you work with.
  2. The commission levels and conversion rates of the advertisers you work with.
  3. Your level of commitment.
  4. Your depth of knowledge and willingness to learn everything about your niche in order to succeed.

Networks and commissions vary widely. New affiliates could take over a year to make their first sale, but with the correct training (which  Wealthy Affiliate provides for free) and persistence, you could earn anything between £1 and £100 per sale from products or signups.

It’s easy to see how this can add up to some pretty impressive earnings impressive earnings. Some of our top affiliates earn in excess of £6000 per week! Who needs to be Richard Branson when you can earn this much legitimately, online, from anywhere in the world?

How long does it take to make money affiliate marketing?

This depends on traffic to your website how consistent you are and how driven you are to promote your chosen subjects it can take from 3 months to a year so requires patience.