Endless Opportunity. Zero Risk.

 If you want an income online not selling products then wealthy affiliate is perfect for you either as a FREE or Premium member.

If you look at what is included at Wealthy Affiliate, there is a lot.

However, if you look at any item individually it is likely being sold elsewhere for MORE and BY ITSELF! Let’s look at some examples.

Want to leverage “hosting” related traffic. You most definitely can. Look at any hosting company out there and you can easily compare Wealthy Affiliate as a clear winner.

Clear winner on hosting alone

No hosting company offers.. -a website builder like the one here -keyword research tools -live video classes -training teaching people how to make money with their site -authoring and content tools -website development classrooms.

These are all things included when someone gets a membership here. Not only that, we offer live chat website, 24/7 support, premium monitoring, state of the art cloud hosting, low density shared hosting, ultimate redundancy stuff that even the most reputable hosts are not offering. So you want to tackle hosting keyword and the industry in general you can.

People who need hosting, need training, need website, need support…all the stuff offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Full training how to get leads and referrals

How about another example… The Website Builder industry. Most website builders out there are using “proprietary” software that does not come close to the WordPress framework. Sure, some of them offer a “free” initial install, but not one hosted on quality hosting, with a full WordPress install like we are offering here. Promoting the website builder and the “free” niche website here at WA is a no brainer and you will be able to easily promote WA as the stand out in terms of a website service out there because… -the quality, unlimited hosting -the internet marketing training -the 24/7 website support -the unlimited access -the access to website experts and 1-on-1 help -the research tools -etc Even WordPress.com. The offer one free website, but they offer nothing else. In order to get more, you have to upgrade but you are not getting access to all of the “other stuff”.

Heres an example of earning MONTHLY

See where I am heading with this. You have MANY industries you can target, not just the Internet marketing/make money niche. -you can target the hosting industry -you can target the website industry -you can target any internet marketing/make money product -you can target the keyword tool /research industry -you can target the free website builder industry -you can target any local marketing industry -you can target the authoring tool niche -you can target the wordpress industry -you can target any related industry The opportunities are endless and it is quite easy to make WA a stand out product in any of these segments, because frankly, they don’t offer any of the other stuff. Hope this offers some brand new marketing insight into the promotion of WA! 🙂 If you have any questions, just ask in the comments below.

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