Choosing an affiliate marketing subject

Choosing a subject for your affililate business can be tough, there are so many choices. Its extremely important that you choose something that you feel passionately about.

What not to choose

Do not affiliate

In 2012 I was on maternity leave with my youngest daughter and I wasn’t looking forward to going back to my full time job. I had been bullied by my boss at the time and was going through the process of trying to work that all out and apart from that stress, I didn’t want to leave my new baby in childcare as my job at the time had to be a 40 hour week, plus being on call 24/7 for emergencies.

So at the time, although I saw the appeal of working from home using the internet, I didn’t know anything about online marketing apart from having a website that sold physical products.

We browsed businesses for sale and found an e-commerce business for sale with the website, social media and stock and we purchased it.

It was a Triathlon business. Now my husband did and still does open water swimming. I do not nor do I cycle or run.

For a Triathlete this business would be perfect, they would have the knowledge, interest and passion to run such a business. In hindsight, which we know is a wonderful thing, this was NOT THE BUSINESS FOR US!

It bored me, I had no interest in cycle helmets, wetsuits, water bottles or running shoes. So guess what? It failed, super flopped. I couldn’t answer any customer comments or queries, could offer no advice to triathletes and so offer little value so made little in the way of sales and hated it so we made a loss and sold what was left cheaply.

Now if I’d have had the slightest interest, I could have learned more about triathlon, I would have enjoyed working with the products and chatting to the customers, but they just weren’t on my wavelength. They are all super sporty, fit people. I am an exercise avoider to the extreme lol.

The moral of this little disaster should hopefully tell you if you don’t already love it and have no intention to, don’t do it.

Use something you already know about or love

As above I knew nothing about Triathlon equipment, but what I did learn from running that business albeit briefly was how to use WordPress, therefore use and edit a website and how to set up social media accounts to follow people and get followed!

I created the logo for it so I knew about creating logos. I knew you could get commission from recommending other peoples products so I discovered, learnt about and instantly loved setting up my first affiliate business.

As a trained nurse and general nice person I love to help people so creating this website with content to help and inspire other people to make passive income totally floats my boat and ticks my boxes!

I love Coffee and so one of my other websites is almost all about coffee.

If you’re already in Network Marketing

If you’re already in network marketing, chances are you have a favourite product. Going back to my coffee website, not only am I starting to review types of coffee and hot beverages, I also have links to purchase coffee from my network company AND use it to recruit team members. The chances are if people are searching for ‘coffee reviews’ they also are likely to love coffee and so may almost certainly be potential prospects for selling coffee themselves! DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Use the ideas of someone you love

My friend has a 4 month old baby, she obviously loves that baby and everything she uses to care for him so she was interested in working on a baby equipment website. Now we all know most babies need 100’s of things and her little gorgeous boy has a lactose intolerance so to narrow it down to a smaller more concentrated niche we are going to create a website reviewing and promoting lactose free baby food and recipes.

My youngest daughter loves Unicorns, so I’ve set her up a website which I  will run reviewing all things Unicorn related with Amazon links to the toys and accessories she loves, she already asked for her own youtube channel so it makes sense to link this to a website too (trust me for your kids this will pay better than a savings account).

Unicorn Affiliate

My husband is in to open water swimming, there are so many links and products to recommend for this. I nag him to do an affiliate website on this and I’m sure he will get round to it or I will do it for him lol.


These are just a few examples to start your imagination off so get yourself a piece of paper or journal and list your possible topics then pick a favourite, I guarentee if you put in the work which you will want to if you have the right topic.

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