Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM

What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM?

Network Marketing

Affiliates make money when the person that they refer to a website buys something. Network marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is direct sales for a product unlike affiliate marketing is an ad redirecting people where to buy wanted product. Affiliate and mlm marketing are different.

For one affiliate marketing is FREE and mlm is not. You usually need to sign up or purchase a starter kit to have an mlm business.

Which is best?

Its a matter of opinion. Many people that use mlm programs often say that it’s the best way of making money online, but many of these people are either in the higher levels of mlm (they were there at the beginning of the program), or they are extremely talented at selling ideas to people.

Unfortunately, for most people mlm programs are an extremely difficult way to make money online. In fact, some say it’s impossible to make a living from these methods unless you either work at it day in day out or you’re one of these lucky people who got in at the right time.

The Affiliate Marketing method of making money online, for many, is a less challenging way of making money and also a more rewarding experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what both of these marketing strategies involve.

Affiliate marketing is not new its a tried and tested method of making money using the Internet by promoting someone else’s product or service through your own website or social network.

It involves three parties:

  1. You the Affiliate
  2. The merchant or store
  3. The customer

and Four Steps

  1. The customer uses a search engine to look for a product or service.
  2. They see the link to your website and click the link.
  3. They then click on a link to a product on your website and buy the product.
  4. You then earn a commission.
  5. Pros and Cons to Affiliate Marketing

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

  • You choose the products you want to sell. As there are millions of different products available online, the choice of products to promote is unlimited, and there are also many different promotional techniques you can use
  • When you get it right, you don’t actually have to do much “selling” – you are just making it easier for potential customers to find the product that they are already searching for
  • Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest ways to start making money through the Internet. You can start an affiliate business without having to make a large initial investment
  • Most affiliate programs are free to join
  • Once you get traffic to your website, you can just sit back and watch the commissions roll in

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

  • You are the one who has to find a niche product or service to sell
  • You need to set up a website, brand and build a presence on a social media network
  • Like I said above, once you get traffic to your website, you can just sit back and watch the commissions roll in, but this takes consistency and time.

Pros of mlm

  • If you’re a very good sales person and the people you recruit are loyal, you can earn money through MLM
  • It gives you an opportunity to enjoy residual income
  • You can work from home or remotely

Cons of mlm

  • If you’re not good at recruiting people, it’s difficult to succeed in MLM
  • It’s difficult to sell an MLM product to someone else. Unlike affiliate programs, you usually have to sell the idea of the product or service to other people, not just the product itself
  • Many MLM products have a relatively high amount of competition online, so selling the product can be difficult
  • Finding a reputable MLM company can be a struggle
  • You often have to pay an introductory fee to join an MLM program

Can you do both together?

Affiliate for network marketing

Absolutely! If you’re already with an mlm why not pick your favourite product and be your own traffic generator? Instead of paid affiliate links send people to your replicated website or if your passionate about MLM help others, do a blog on just that, in addition recommend books you have read on the subject and sales aids that have helped you?

One example is DoTerra for Wild Orange Essential Oils, this website gives an example of how I picked ONE of the Hundreds of essential oils and drive traffic to my doTerra website.

See more examples here of how it works here. 


Many mlm companies just involve multiple levels of marketers signing up more marketers with no one really selling many products and you need to sell a lot to make any real money, trust me I’ve tried I make a few £’s here and there and I continue with mlm because I enjoy it, I’ve carefully chosen the right companies that suit me and use the products I believe in myself and can recommend some to help others.

If you think you have the time and passion for recruiting others, it may be worth considering, but making a living is going to be hard work.

If you want to start making money from promoting products and services that you actually genuinely use or love yourself, affiliate marketing is a far simpler and more fulfilling route to financial gains.

This is why, in my opinion, affiliate marketing is better than multilevel marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you have the potential to make money and also help people find products that they are already searching for.

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