Hi I’m Sarah a mum of 2 a wife, friend, colleague and a constant hard worker and ideas woman.

Juggling it all, spinning lots of plates, running 3 businesses and still trying to make ends meet, yet always dreaming of holidays and bigger houses got me thinking ‘there must be another way than working 50 hour weeks’ and so I have looked into lots of types of Network Marketing and Online   Marketing learning Network Marketing  and Online earning over the last few years.

Now Network Marketing when done right, IS very profitable. There are many a multi millionaire made from Network Marketing with the right attitude, knowledge and time to put into it.

Choosing the right company is key, with a realistic self managed pace and good quality training, getting an understanding of different compensation plans and the culture of each business.

With some companies, they like you to do lots of scripted presentations, make lots of coffee appointments, do cold calling, attend all team gatherings and join endless zoom calls at all hours of the day and night, I’ve come across a couple of companies like this.

Others are less pressured, have more flexible policies, supporting you to develop into the person you want to be and do what you want to do.

Wealthy affiliate web link

Affiliate Marketing works in a similar way to Network Marketing except you are selling links to products or gathering sign ups, making referrals also training, downloads etc.

So why recommend affiliate marketing for ladies?

Women are not as well known for affiliate marketing and not many women attend the wealthy affiliate incentive trip to las vagas!

The best training course I have ever done online, which has taught me all about, Keywords, SEOabout, Keywords, SEO, Social Media marketing and lifestyle marketing has to be wealthy affiliate. I have learnt not only how to design and develop my own website, but I also now host all my websites from my Wealthy Affiliate platform for affiliate marketing tips, which actually works out cheaper than paying for multiple hosting platforms, email accounts and add on plugins.

They use WordPress as a template for you which I now know really well and there are lots of added extras with it such as seo marketing tools already loaded.

So not only do I have an amazing platform to share with you the learning you will gain from joining Wealthy Affiliate will be PRICELESS whatever online business you choose.

I’m just so driven and excited about this and have so much knowledge I can now share to help other people wanting an online business and the freedom to work anywhere.

Contact me or visit to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate or to find out more about me and all the other things I love and share!


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